FM Revolution Soccer Club

Player Pathway

In order for the USA to make an impact on world football, our players must become masters at ball skills. “Revolution Soccer” wants our young players to become the next generation of soccer wizards. To accomplish this, we will use the right teaching concepts & training methods to maximize the number of quality touches a player has with a ball during our sessions.

To create a well-developed individual or team, Coaches will build on the vital components that create well rounded and versatile players through our technical & tactical training. We will combine techniques, tactics with the overall goal to teach players to be familiar with all areas of the field and to be comfortable playing multiple positions.

Coaches will develop a program that gently introduces our youngest players to the game, yet remains flexible enough to develop older, more experienced players in a fun, positive environment. Individual player development will be the focus with a tiered, structured, methodical teaching of the “beautiful game”.

Player – To train individual players with the goal of dramatically improving their individual skill, tactical awareness and teamwork.

Team – Focusing on the team’s collective skill and tactical awareness is critical throughout the length of the developmental process.

Technique – Focuses on the individual’s skills and capabilities in trapping, passing, shooting, heading, and dribbling.

Tactics – Teach the individual how to play with the team and how to play as a single unit.

Fitness – We demonstrate ways to be in good physical condition, along with specific ways to reach the ultimate goal of being in game shape for soccer.

Psychology – Players need to be in an environment that is both positive and challenging in order to develop.

Personal Development – Using soccer to create an environment that develops players on and off the field and paying attention to developing every individual player in the club, and teaching lessons that help them succeed in soccer and in all aspects of life.


Nine Foundations

In order to help cultivate the next great players on the world stage, The Revolution focuses on nine foundations of soccer during a team and player’s development. 5 foundations are technical and 4 are tactical.

First Touch – The control needed to gain possession and positive movement.

Passing – Learning to play the ball to teammates and smart and precise passes to all parts of the field.

Dribbling – Using a player’s personal skill to control the ball and take defenders on.

Aerial Control – Learning to control the ball out of the air with ease and confidence using all available surfaces.

Finishing – Learning to score using everything from a distance power shot to a finesse finish.

Possession – Learning to play the ball in all directions, forward, backward and square.

Decision Making – Training a player and a variety of challenging situations so game time decisions become second nature.

Shape – Wide players, switching fields, position responsibility, etc.

Rules & Regulations – Inside the game environment.