FM Revolution Soccer Club

Achieving Our Goals

Club Goals:

Develop players technically, tactically, physically and psychologically.
Boys teams training and competing at each age group U6-U12
Create a family environment among all Revolution teams/players.
To provide a club free of politics and parental/outsider influence.

Club Teams:
FMR teams will have individual goals to meet depending on age, ability.
Work towards the FMR Style of Play
Professional appearance – Standardized guidelines for many aspects – warm-up, code of conduct etc.

The Club Players:
Players with a professional attitude towards training, leadership, social skills, confidence, motivation and desire.
Players who can perform techniques with both feet under pressure, beating players in any 1v1 situation and who are comfortable in possession of the ball.
Players with an understanding of the game and developed decision making in game situations.
Players with knowledge of playing in a number of positions and understanding of roles & responsibilities.
Players with understanding of being part of a team both on and off the field.

How we achieve this?:

Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological Development.
Age/level specific number of training Sessions per week.
Additional training opportunities – Individual/Small Group.
Position specific training in addition to team training schedule.
Licensed Coaches with experience in professional youth development.
Approachable staff who are open to players and parents seeking guidance.
Learning through structured sessions consisting of technical practices, game related practices (1v1, 2v2 etc.), and small sided games.
Use of full fielded training exercises (functions, phases of play) to develop patterns of play, decision making and game awareness.
Challenging training environment that allows players to be creative without fear of making mistakes.
Regular communication and use of video clips to reinforce learning.
Physiological, psychological and nutritional guidance Access to club recommended physiotherapist.
Entry to high level tournaments on a state, regional and national level.
Player/team goal setting and self evaluation to develop the ‘intelligent player.
The promise to challenge ourselves to constantly improve