FM Revolution Soccer Club

U11+ Competitive

Winter/Spring Competitive Registration

This registration session will allow you to complete contact information, sign up for participation, and submit payment.
What are the Club Fees?

Club Fees are structured at U11+ Competitive. The breakdown fees are every 6 months and with monthly payment options for convenience and we offer Sibling Discount of 10% percent. New &
Current Players that join the club will have to pay one-time yearly club fee of $95 every year as well as buying the club uniform.

December to May 6 months Payment Plan Due 1st month Amount
Fields/Equipment Dec/January 2019 (upon Reg) $100
Team Snap February 2019 $100
Coaching Fees March 2019 $100
NTX/ USC Affiliation April 2019 $100
Admin/Scholars/Engine May 2019 $100
Total $600 June 2019 $100
Leagues Fees Winter & Spring – 2018/19 Estimated Costs:
Winter / Due December for Winter $75-$100 pp/league event
Spring / Due February for Spring $75-$95 pp/league event
Indoor Training, YMCA Gym, Fieldhouse Grapevine, Sky Blue $5 -$10 per person, Estimated
Tournaments Options: Estimated Costs:
Many DFW options as well as out of town events, which include, Austin, San Antonio, Oklahoma: $45-$60 Tournaments might require hotel stays.

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