Academy Overview

FM Revolution Soccer Academy is our Player Pathway Program and is designed to develop young players and give them the tools needed to play soccer at a more advanced level than recreational soccer. This is a program that runs all year round from June 2018 to May 2019 for players who want to develop their individual soccer game and to accelerate their technical and tactical development.  Overall, the goal is to develop soccer players to be competitive and give them the opportunity to become even better players by training in a professional environment and alongside like-minded players. We have various levels and we are not exclusive for the best athletes or for the best younger players. We train players as a POOL one day per week and the other days they train with their own group, players will move around according to the players and teams needs unlike in recreational soccer where rosters are locked. Players will have their main team but we will move them to challenge or reward them for their effort or performance during their weekly training or games. (This also means players can be dropped down a level due to behavior or performances in training and games)  All players will receive playing time but playing time is at the discretion of the coaches and per North Texas Youth Soccer Association Rules states that players who play academy are NOT guaranteed playing time.

“Playing time is rewarded for hard work and attitude in training”

As a club in development we follow guidelines set by the USSF and other major governing bodies, players are provided the tools to help accelerate their technical and tactical development to continue to take their game to the next level through extensive training and coaching.  Players will develop in an age appropriate manner and we understand that we are coaching children and not adults and we aim to foster a passion for the game. We want players to develop into good people not just athletes and that’s why sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and other values are important to us just as much as winning and losing are.

Academy Soccer goes all year from June 2018 to May 2019.

We also realize that not everyone can make every Training session, tournament event or league game due to other sports and family commitments etc.  We would expect every player to play league play and min of 4 tournaments per year.


Here is a typical yearly calendar that we go by below,

Summer/Fall:     6 Months, June through November

Winter/Spring: 6 Months, December through May

Tournaments:    8 to 10 events per year

Leagues: Fall, Winter & Spring


Here are some FAQs.


How many games does my child get to play?

Each team is guaranteed 6 but slated for 8 games per season however with weather issues and field closures it can change. This does not include tournaments, which most teams attend 1 or 2 per each season.


Are the games on Saturdays only?

No, the games are on Saturdays and Sundays.  On Sundays, kick off time will not be prior to 11am usually. (As a group we can pick our day for games, Academy leagues run both days)


Will my child have 2 games in one weekend?

Not always, but there are times when your child could play on a Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend!


Is the uniform included in the price you pay for registration?

No, the kit can be bought at Active Outlet online and is around $90 for two jerseys, shorts, and socks and printed number and logo.


What nights of the week are practices?

Depending on what coach your child is placed with after the evaluation period will determine the practice day and time. The Coaches will communicate this very early in case there are any conflicts.


What are the Club Fees?

Club Fees are structured on age group at 4v4 play, 7v7 Play, 9v9 Play & 11v11 Play in the FALL season is typically the most expensive as you have to buy the club uniform. The breakdown fees are every 6 months and with payment options for convenience.

Please Note: (sibling discount when registering 2 children at once you will save 15%.   

****Registration must be completed through SportsEngine Online Registration Systems.