FM Revolution Soccer Club

About FM Revolution Youth Soccer Club

FM Revolution Soccer Club is a youth soccer club launched in June 2016 and is based around Flower Mound & Highland Village in North Texas. Our Mission & Philosophy in soccer is to provide a safe structured, fun club environment in which young players can nurture and develop a lifelong passion for soccer with the enjoyment of learning to play and develop in the beautiful game. The goals of Revolution Soccer is to teach players to love and enjoy the game so that they will stay involved in the game in the future as a player, spectator, parent, coach and even a referee.

FM Revolution Youth Soccer aims to create player creativity through our Individual Player Development Model. The curriculum has been developed using training criteria and methods set by the top soccer clubs in Europe and the player development methodology of the US Soccer Curriculum. In using this evolving curriculum we will install a progressive and developmental training schedule that will optimize the standard of coaching, the level of the practices, and the individual development of every player within its program.

The realization of these goals will be accomplished within the proper framework of developing character traits such as self-esteem, confidence, leadership and sportsmanship. Achievement of these objectives will be reached through the mature behavior, high level of training and exemplary conduct of the players, coaches, parents, and officials of the club.

FM Revolution aspires to create a positive soccer environment so that Players will be given the opportunity to learn the sport of soccer through the development of individual skills, fitness, teamwork, and fair play. Players will reach their maximum potential as individuals and athletes through coaching, competition, friendships, and commitment – to themselves, their teammates, and the game of soccer. The sport of soccer will be utilized to teach life’s important values including integrity, honesty, dedication, teamwork, and respect for the laws of the games.