About the Select Program

The Rangers Program is designed to help and develop players and provide a training regime that will improve them as players and in turn, improve the team.  The focus is still on technical development, but there will be an increased focus on the tactical & physical elements of the game. Rangers teams will challenge for success in all tournaments, League play is important for continued growth, but not a true focus.  In order to achieve this, we must remain true to our objectives in developing the players individually and as a team. While we say winning is not the priority, we will be working to develop a ‘winner’s mentality’ amongst the group.

Rangers Playing Style will be encouraged to play an attacking style based upon possession and confident ball movement in all positions. The Rangers Way will be based around playing out of the back and through midfield and developing the variation in tempo – when to play patient, when to play quick.
Rangers Teams will be organized defensively, keeping their specific positions in formation. However, players will look for spaces and movements to support forward when
attacking by moving away from their original positions.  Players in ALL positions have to be confident in playing “both sides of the ball”.  It is important for the individual players to recognize the importance of their role when the team has possession and when the opposition has possession.
As a Rangers Player we expect the following,
  • Rangers soccer players will work with their coaches to develop qualities such as sportsmanship, self-esteem, and camaraderie with fellow athletes, and develop a life-long love for the game of soccer.
  • Commitment to the code of conduct, training program and game schedule. Any possible absences must be communicated to the coach prior to the event.
  • Professional punctuality: Arrive 10 minutes prior to start of training, 25-30 minutes prior to games properly equipped upon arrival
  • A professional attitude at training and games: Respect, 100% effort (always try your best!), concentration, and confidence to ask questions 
  • Immaculate appearance when representing the CLUB, Correct uniform (training/game day/travel uniform), shirts tucked in, socks pulled up. A kitbag checklist will be provided- cleats, inflated ball, pump, drink etc.
  • Dedication to the game of soccer: watch live games on TV, practice/play soccer at home and with friends in free time
  • Professional preparation: eat the right foods at the right time, appropriate rest and recovery etc.
  • Challenge yourself to improve!  PRACTICE ON YOUR OWN!!!!
The criteria listed are in the best interests of YOU becoming the best player you can possibly be!